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Individual Standardbred

A licensee who has not renewed their licence for five (5) years or more will be treated as a new licence applicant

  • Owner
  • Driver
  • Rider
  • Trainer / Assistant
  • Trainer
  • Groom
  • Occupational
  • Veterinarian
  • Authorized Agent
  • Pari-Mutuel
  • Tradesperson
  • Stable Guest
  • Programs
  • Association Official
  • AGCO Official

Standardbred Licensing Fee Schedule

First time applying for licensing 
To obtain a licence from the AGCO, an individual needs to complete a licence application form indicating the licence category(s) required ( i.e. owner, groom, etc.)

To obtain an application

  • Download from this website
  • Contact the AGCO Head Office to have forms faxed, emailed or sent by regular mail.
  • Contact or visit an AGCO Racetrack Licensing Office at any operating Standardbred racetrack.
  • For information on submitting your application form see: How do I get Licensed?

First-time Applicants for Licensing

A new AGCO applicant will be expected to provide the following: 

  • Detailed personal information, including date of birth, current address and emergency contact information, etc.

  • Proof of Identification (i.e. Ontario Drivers Licence) 

  • Standardbred Canada or United States Trotting Association (USTA) membership number (individuals who are involved in Standardbred racing, must be members of one of these organizations)

Applicable licensing fees

A new licensee can expect to undergo a due diligence investigation to determine their suitability for licensing.  The total fee amounts for a licence will vary depending upon the category(s) being applied for. 
For information on Standardbred licensing fees see: Standardbred Licensing Fee Schedule

Birthdate Renewal

Licences issued to individuals participating in Standardbred racing in Ontario expire and should be renewed annually on a birthdate cycle. As a courtesy, renewal application forms are mailed out directly to licensees prior to their licence’s expiration. A person wishing to renew their licence can take the renewal application form to the nearest operating AGCO Racetrack Licensing Office for processing. Alternately, a licensee can obtain a standard individual application form at any AGCO office, or download the form from our website here. Licensees are reminded that it is their responsibility to have their licence renewed.

For more information on renewing a Standardbred licence see: How do I get Licensed?

Any individual residing outside Ontario must apply for a licence in the same manner as a resident of Ontario. All forms and fees apply.

Multi-Jurisdictional Licence
The National Compact and Racing Commissioners International (RCI or ARCI) both offer a form of multi-jurisdictional licensing. These memberships are intended to ease the application paperwork for owners who intend to be racing in many jurisdictions. Multi-jurisdictional licensing is not considered reciprocal licensing.

For further information on these memberships:
Contact the ARCI:
Contact the National Racing Compact:

Under Age Licensing
Persons under 16 years of age may be licensed with the approval of the Judges and upon written consent of the parent or guardian.

Lost Licence
If an AGCO Horse Racing Licence Card is lost, a replacement can be applied for at an AGCO Racetrack Licensing Office. Fees for replacement card will apply.
Requirements for Licensing (by Category)

Any person owning all or part of a horse racing in Ontario must hold a valid AGCO licence. Owners must have their name on the horse’s papers and these papers must be registered with Standardbred Canada, or in the United States the USTA, before an AGCO licence will be issued.

The corresponding officer of record, lessee and/or syndicate manager of all stallions registered in the Ontario Sires Stakes program in Ontario must obtain an AGCO licence, if they do not currently hold a valid AGCO licence in any other category.

Trainers and drivers must have passed Standardbred Canada, or in the United States the USTA, accreditation before applying for an AGCO licence in any of these categories. Potential drivers must contact the Judges to arrange for assessment and should refer to Chapter 25 of the Rules of Standardbred Racing for further information.

An individual applying for a groom licence must have their application form signed by their employer, who must hold a valid AGCO licence in an appropriate category. 

Occupational personnel are persons employed by the racetrack association, i.e. security, parking, catering, maintenance, cleaners, admissions, program department, publicity and office staff. An individual applying for an occupational licence must have their application form signed by their employer.

Authorized Agent
An authorized agent is a person who has been authorized to act on behalf of another individual in a variety of capacities. When acting in this capacity an individual needs to obtain a licence in this category. Authorizations must be registered with Standardbred Canada before applying for an AGCO licence.

A tradesperson is a person not employed by the racetrack association, either directly or indirectly, and could include blacksmiths, feed supply persons, etc. All applicants for a tradesperson licence, both new and renewal, must obtain a signature from the racetrack association management to establish that their presence on the grounds is acceptable to the racetrack association.

Stable Guest
A spouse, child or regular guest of an owner may apply for a stable guest licence; said owner must hold a valid AGCO licence and be present when the stable guest licensee is in secure areas of the racetrack association.

All pari-mutuel staff must hold a valid AGCO licence prior to working in the capacity. Failure to be licensed may result in fines for the racetrack association. An individual applying for a pari-mutuel licence must have their application form signed by their employer and be over the age of 18. 

Horse improvement (breeding) programs in Ontario require participants to hold a valid AGCO licence. Individuals, who own breeding horses that are not currently racing and wish to participant in horse improvement programs, can apply for a program licence.

Association Official
Association official licences are issued to individuals employed by the racetrack association, or who are working on behalf of the racetrack association, and include: department heads of the racetrack association, any employee needing access to the backstretch or paddock, Official Veterinarians, test inspectors, Lasix veterinarian technicians, OnTrack Media employees and ambulance attendants.

Commission Official
A commission official licence is issued to employees of the AGCO only and would include AGCO veterinarians, investigators, horse racing licensing agents, head office staff and Judges.

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